Mission Month 2021 - Mission Tradition

This October we invite you to celebrate the missions of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

While the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter is not explicitly a mission order, we endeavor to bring the fullness of Christ into the emptiness of the world. As a result, Mission Tradition was established at the North American Headquarters to provide support to the mission apostolates in MexicoColombia, and Nigeria. These are developing nations in which the pandemic has taken a disproportionate toll.

Our missions seek first and foremost to bring the light of Christ to the people in these developing countries. But we also aim to help them in their daily lives by enhancing their health, education, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Our missionary work begins with you — your support, your prayers, and your financial gift.

How your support makes an impact.

  • $50 can provide material assistance to impoverished families
  • $100 can provide food for family members of patients who are hospitalized
  • $250 can provide a sponsorship for 1 year at an orphanage or women’s safe house.
  • $500 can provide a child with a traditional Catholic education for a full school year
  • $1,000 can provide the supplies to rebuild, repair, remodel, and secure mission apostolate properties
  • $2,500 can purchase and install a solar converter to provide a more reliable power source

There are many ways you can contribute…


You can make an incredible difference! Your gift will enable us to educate and empower children through sponsorships, support mission-run programs and community centers, and support seminarians in their journeys to the priesthood

Go Shopping!

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You can celebrate your support for the FSSP missions and for the Latin mass by making a purchase from our online store!

All profits will directly benefit the FSSP Missions.

Fundraise on Bonfire

FSSP Mission Tradition has partnered with Bonfire to enable our supporters a risk free, cost free, and fun way to fundraise with us.

You can personalize one of our designs or make your own. All profits from your sales will benefit the FSSP Missions

Request Prayers

Our Priests will pray for you! Send us your prayer intentions and let us pray not only for your bodily health, but also for your spiritual growth during this difficult time for traditional Catholics.

Why Give to Mission Tradition?

“Many, many people hereabouts are not becoming Christians for one reason only: there is nobody to make them Christians.”

Francis Xavier

It is through your generosity that the FSSP is able to reach out to those in desperate need by bringing them the message of Christ. Your gift gives hope and brings a future to all those living day-to-day, wondering what will happen next.

Day of Giving FSSP Mexico

FSSP Priests and Seminarians provide for the spiritual and temporal needs of the mission communities in their care.

Children in poverty receive access to education, medical care, and other basic needs.

Farming brings nourishment, trade skill education, dignity, hope, and solidarity to the small villages of Anolaima & Umuaka where poverty predominates.


Young men can discern God’s call in their life at houses of formation.

Please pray for our Missionary priests. Sharing your gifts along with your prayers allows you to partner with them in bringing the Gospel to those in need.