FSSP- Nigeria, July 2020 - Mission Tradition

Father Van der Putten from our FSSP Mission Tradition apostolate in Nigeria sent along a quick tour of the mission farm—where tropical agriculture is in full swing this year! The fields are being planted in corn and cassava branches, and surrounding them are tropical permaculture crops such as papaya, coconut trees, sugar cane, avocado, and guava. There’s also ornamental Bougainvillea, and palm trees used for lumber. The local boys even caught some wild rats and are raising them on papaya. You’ll also see some of the tractors, generators, and other machinery used on the farm and—best of all–meet some of the people who work on it.

FSSP Mission Tradition not only eases hunger, but fulfills the mission of our apostolates in bringing a better quality of life, good morals, and a step towards the conquest for Heaven.

Fr. Van der Putten sent these more recent photos of the farm’s progress and people.

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While the FSSP is not explicitly a mission order, we endeavor to bring the fullness of Christ into the emptiness of the world. Find out more about the work of the FSSP Missions.

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