This Lent, Help Us Carry the Cross! - Mission Tradition

The vestments at Mass are now violet. The Gloria has disappeared. The Alleluia has been replaced by the Tract. In just days, flowers will disappear from the altar and the organ will fall silent.

There’s no mistaking the imminent arrival of Lent. For most faithful Catholics, our thoughts turn to fasting—as well they should. We prepare to bring our bodies into submission by taking less food and abstaining from even our licit pleasures and comforts.

Our thoughts also turn to prayer. We intensify our participation in the holy sacrifice of the Mass and daily Rosary. We may also adopt devotions such as the Stations of the Cross or the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows.

But let us not forget the third element of a devoted Lent: almsgiving. We strive to give some of our worldly goods to those in need. One way to do so is to donate to a cause that helps the hungry, the homeless, and the critically ill. Another way is to give more than our usual tithe to the Church so that she can continue her work to save souls.

When you give to Mission Tradition, you do both—you help the Church meet the spiritual and bodily needs of some of the world’s poorest people.

I know that it can be difficult nowadays for faithful Catholics to find charities that focus on doing unambiguous good for the needy. Think of the many large, well-heeled organizations that spread an anti-life, anti-faith mindset among the people they’re helping.

When you support Mission Tradition, you face no such moral quandaries. Our missions in Mexico, Colombia, and Nigeria bring the fullness of Christ into the emptiness of the world. Whether we’re launching a sustainable crop project to help farmers better support their families, obtaining much-needed medical care, or building schools and homes, our primary focus is to help save the souls of all those we meet.

As you plan your Lenten almsgiving, I hope you’ll consider supporting Mission Tradition. I’ll be back soon with updates and inspiring stories from our missions around the world. Please #helpcarrythecross