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Every faithful Catholic knows the importance of the missions. It is through the work of missionaries that countless souls have come to know the truth and beauty of our Catholic faith. And it can be difficult nowadays for faithful Catholics to find charities that focus on doing unambiguous good for the needy.

Jesus looks at his disciples and tells them, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” 

Luke 9:23

Sharing your gifts, along with your prayers, allows you to partner with Mission Tradition to help us Carry the Cross for those in need.

Our missions in MexicoColombia, and Nigeria seek first and foremost to bring the light of Christ to the people in these developing countries. But we also strive to help them in their daily lives by enhancing their health, education, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Already, our missions have changed many lives. But we can only reach as far as our resources allow—and millions more souls still need our help. 

Your gift can help Mission Tradition Carry the Cross

Your gift will enable Mission Tradition to:

  • Teach the truth of Christ with clarity and compassion.
  • Help sick and vulnerable people gain access to healthcare and medicine.
  • Improve quality of life by teaching farming skills.
  • Build churches, schools, and other key pieces of infrastructure.

How your gift makes an impact.

  • $50 can provide material assistance to impoverished families
  • $100 can provide food for the family members of patients who are hospitalized
  • $250 can provide a sponsorship for 1 year at an orphanage or women’s safe house
  • $500 can provide a child with a traditional Catholic education for a full school year
  • $1,000 can provide the supplies to rebuild, repair, remodel, and secure mission apostolate properties
  • $2,500 can renovate, expand, and improve the properties and communities in which the missions operate.

It is through YOUR generosity that the FSSP is able to reach out to those in desperate need by bringing them the message of Christ. YOUR gift gives hope and brings a future to all those living day-to-day, wondering what will happen next.

Checks may also be mailed to:

Mission Tradition
The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
450 Venard Rd
South Abington Twp, PA  18411

Donations by Phone

Please call the Development Office at: (570) 842-4000