Good News in Passiontide? An Update from FSSP Nigeria - Mission Tradition

We are nearing the end of Lent 2022. This is the time when our penances can sometimes feel heavier—perhaps even unbearable—because our weak human nature rebels against us. This is also the time when Our Lord’s Passion draws near and our hearts grow heavy with the thought of everything He suffered on account of our sins.

But Our Lord’s triumph overcomes all. Soon we shall rejoice, feast, and sing with joy. That’s not all the good news I have to share with you today; I also have an update on our apostolate in Nigeria.

Fr. Angelo Van der Putten, FSSP recently let me know how the Nigerian apostolate has applied your contributions from Mission Month 2021. FSSP Nigeria has been able to purchase:

  • Paint for the sanctuary of Nne Enyemaka Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
  • Dozens of picture frames for catechism photos that now hang all around the church.
  • Building supplies and finishes to build Tansi Chapel.
  • School supplies for St. Michael the Archangel School and its students.
  • Resources for missionary outreach to provide material, medical, and financial assistance to parish community members who are suffering severe hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fr. Van der Putten serves the Nigerian apostolate alongside Fr. Charles Ike, FSSP. Their work is never ending. Despite overall growth in Nigeria’s economy, poverty is on the rise. We seek to continue doing our part to save souls and help the needy in a nation of 160 million people. For example, our mission boards 20 boys aged 7 to 15, covering the cost of their school fees, medical bills, and basic needs.

But as our good Fathers work, there is religious tension throughout the nation. At times, this tension erupts into violence. Recent attacks by the radical Islamic group Boko Haram have targeted Christian churches and killed hundreds.

There are millions of souls to save in the beautiful nation of Nigeria! Mission Tradition cannot be everywhere, but we can work tirelessly to bring the light of Christ to all those we meet in and around our apostolate. Please help us continue this work by renewing your support for Mission Tradition. May God bless you!