FSSP Mexico introduces Sedes Sapientiae - March, 2020 - Mission Tradition

Sedes Sapientiae in Guadalajara, Jalisco is a co-op run by the Fraternity parish for the education of the community. The priests and many of the adults and parents of the community pull together to share their knowledge and spread the Catholic Faith by giving to those around them a solid Catholic education.

After attending morning mass at Santo Toribio Romo on Fridays, the group meets and holds classes in the adjoining classrooms. The classes are for all ages ranging from toddlers to adults. Music and lessons in Psycho-motor development are offered for the younger students. The teenagers and adults attend classes of Art, Latin, and Literature. New to the schedule here are French Classes taught by Fr. Yuri and an English conversation class.

Fr. Heenan visits monthly to talk about Homeschooling and the Traditional Latin Mass. Homeschooling is new to the community here. Parents work with the help of the FSSP Priests to give their children a solid Catholic education. Even with limited resources, their hard work and dedication has born much fruit and the community continues to grow.