FSSP Mexico holds first Church Bazaar! - Mission Tradition

Nuestra Seora del Pilar (Our Lady of the Pillar) held its first church bazaar and fundraiser on Sunday, August 7th. The festivities began late in the morning and lasted all day on the street close to Casa Cristo Rey. The official start of the celebration, however, occurred after the church’s 12:30 Solemn High Mass. The lovely, life-sized statue of St. Peter in Chains was surrounded by flowers and then brought in procession to the event by the priests and faithful.

Upon arrival one had to first visit the “Bank” and purchase tickets or “cuasi pesos” in order to buy food, drink and play games. Parishioners sold home made tamales, hotdogs, tacos, enchiladas, and desserts. Cor Tuum Mihi offered tacos packed with grilled meat which was a big hit!

Visitors played Saints’ Bingo and Lotería, a traditional Mexican game similar to bingo. A tómbola was also available (a spinning container similar to a bingo cage). Tickets with various numbers are purchased from the tómbola, and each ticket wins a prize. There were small prizes for children and larger prizes for adults. Examples of the more valuable prizes won are a St. Joseph statue, a small grill, and a coffee machine. It was a fantastic game as entire families played with something for everyone! There was also a talent show that featured singing, guitar, violin, and a Mexican folk dance.

Sumo Battles was one of the most popular attractions. Participants donned padded inflated costumes and attempted to knock each other out of the ring. The Torito was also popular. One would pay a few pesos to ride a mechanical bull and try to hang on as long as possible before being thrown off its back and onto the protective padding.

The “hombre al agua” was probably the most exciting spectacle. It was treated like an auction, with the highest bidder having the opportunity to dunk one of our priests. Our FSSP priests each took a turn.

Overall, there was a strong sense of community.  Participants praised the welcoming environment and said it seemed like one big family, with everyone chipping in to help and take part in making it a fantastic, enduring event.

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