Day-to-Day Life at FSSP Nigeria - Mission Tradition

As a friend and supporter of FSSP Mission Tradition, you’ve probably stayed abreast of what’s happening at our apostolates in Mexico, Colombia, and Nigeria. I know you’ve also kept us in your prayers, just as we’ve kept you in ours.

But have you ever wondered what life is like at FSSP Nigeria? You may be surprised to hear how many small yet important tasks there are to complete each day just to keep our community running.

On any given day, our priests and their many assistants may find themselves:


Our apostolate has planted four different crops of corn. Cassava grows all year round, from one rainy season to the next. During dry season, we must be strategic about how we get water from the big tower onto the crops because we don’t always have electricity. 

Tending pigs

We have more than 100 pigs, so one of our biggest challenges is finding enough food for them. We buy spent grain from a local brewery 10 tons at a time—but that only lasts one month! When we run out of grain, we find ourselves running to the market to buy cabbage leaves.

Completing our church

The Nne Enyemaka Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help is an immense building that will eventually seat 1,000. We currently only have pew space for about 200. There’s no electricity in the building, but a solar panel outside powers a light that shines onto the altar. We’ve been installing windows to not only protect our church from the elements, but also make the sanctuary brighter. These windows cost $200 each—a princely sum for our apostolate.

Praying special devotions

On the second Saturday of each month, we pray the 2,000 Hail Marys Devotion. In the small chapel that used to be our main church, we expose the Blessed Sacrament, set up a candelabra, and light a candle for every 100 Hail Marys we pray. The devotion takes hours, which brings our community together in a special way as we honor Our Lady and beg her intercession.

As I said in my previous message, your generosity enabled FSSP Nigeria to meet many needs in 2021. But our apostolate continues to rely on your gifts as we seek to increase our crops, beautify our church, and most importantly, evangelize more souls so that they can know and love Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. As you continue your Lenten almsgiving, please remember FSSP Mission Tradition and send your next gift.

Thank you for your friendship and support!