Continuing the Climb: An Update from FSSP Colombia - Mission Tradition

Our prayers are with you as we all embrace our crosses during this holy season of Lent! Did you notice that the Feast of the Annunciation falls almost exactly at the halfway point of Lent 2022? It was midway through His ascent of Mount Calvary that Our Lord encountered His Blessed Mother. This year, then, we can join Our Lord in gaining strength from the sight of Our Lady as we continue our climb under the weight of the Cross. Also making this climb are our brothers and sisters at the FSSP apostolate in Colombia. We are happy to give you an update on the good you have enabled us to do by gracing FSSP Mission Tradition with your prayers and financial support.

Touching Souls and Changing Lives at St. Dominic Savio School

In Colombia, the family structure seems to be decaying along with the education system. Harmful new ideologies are rapidly being introduced into the school system, poisoning innocent minds and destroying souls.

FSSP Colombia aims to safeguard the integrity of Colombia’s children and provide them with a good formation from early childhood through high school. The education we provide at St. Dominic Savio School is rooted in the teachings of the Magisterium as we expose all students to traditional thinking and the traditional liturgy. This schoolyear, we’re placing even greater emphasis on liturgy while also giving students strong encouragement to discern vocations.

We are happy to report that, because of its outstanding reputation, St. Dominic Savio School continues to grow! And the education we provide is having a ripple effect. Not only are our students winning academic contests in a variety of fields, but we’re seeing their families change for the better.

Even Colombia’s educational authorities are noticing our success. We’ve earned high academic recognition—and we plan to continue our pattern of excellence. 

CCSD Elementary School Graduates

Please Help Us Obtain Much-Needed Supplies

Despite our successes at St. Dominic Savio School, we can’t rest on our laurels. Adding more students means putting a greater strain on our aging school building. Although the building is fully operational, it’s in constant need of repairs.

Our successes also result in heightened expectations. Our current teaching material is barely adequate for a school that seeks to provide a truly outstanding education—and many desks and tables are in a state of decay. We are in dire need of teaching supplies that most Americans would take for granted. These items include:

  • Books for professors
  • Screen projectors
  • Whiteboards
  • Classroom furniture

We also hope to undertake major building repairs and build a proper science lab as soon as possible.

With the new materials, it will be easier to carry out our mission. We’ll boost the morale of students and teachers—and we believe the entire school will improve in every aspect. Moreover, since the Colombian government determines the amount of tuition for the school based on the overall condition of the facilities and materials, any improvements will allow us to increase our tuition and, God willing, become more self-sustainable.

For all these reasons, we hope you will include Mission Tradition in your Lenten almsgiving. Thank you for your support, and may God bless you!

Help Carry the Cross with FSSP Mission Tradition