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CardFunder, the innovative giving platform, has partnered with Mission Tradition to Help provide funds to critical needs in healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, and education. 

“We are proud to partner with Mission Tradition in their efforts to reach out with the gift of hope to those in need throughout the world,” says founder and CEO Russ Howard.

Give a Gift Card. Change a Life

Cardfunder is a free tool that is changing the game for fundraisers. It lets donors contribute potentially $Billions of unwanted gift card balances to fundraisers from their mobile phones. In addition, the recently launched app’s simplicity enables donors to increase community groups’ access to potential donations by accepting gift card donations from anywhere in the U.S. Churches, schools, and nonprofit fundraisers can all benefit from using the CardFunder Mobile APP. 

While CardFunder already empowered fundraisers to accept gift cards, the mobile app takes this concept further. Now, donors no longer need to hand over their gift cards physically.

“This tool will vastly increase the reach and efficiency of digital fundraising efforts using social media and email,” says founder and CEO Russ Howard. “Boosting access will also increase the chance of a digital fundraiser going viral.” 

Platforms like GoFundMe changed the game for virtual fundraising efforts, and this app does the same for gift card fundraising. This incredibly user-friendly tool will expand the reach of a fundraiser across time zones and regions, allowing out-of-state friends, family, and supporters to donate easily. This makes the app perfect for a virtual or hybrid fundraiser. In addition, since nearly half of U.S. adults have at least one unused gift card tucked away in a drawer or wallet (with an average of $175 per person), this gives community groups unprecedented access to a vast pool of unused funds.

“In this current difficult economic climate, it is so important to be flexible and search for new and intuitive ways to support the charitable works that we engage in. CardFunder is an incredible opportunity to stay relevant and continue to fund our missionary work. As the Director of Mission Tradition, I receive so many letters and notes from our supporters regretting that they cannot do more or that they currently cannot afford to give anything more than their encouragement. CardFunder can be a game changer for these people. It is a possibility to give new support to others in need and to give in a way that will not hurt the bottom line of many who may feel they are not able to budget for charitable giving at the moment.” – Fr. Anthony Dorsa, Director of Mission Tradition

When accepting these donations, groups have no logistics to figure out because the app does all the work. The setup couldn’t be more straightforward. They can launch a fundraiser in moments—ready to share with all their supporters. For all these reasons, the CardFunder app is a game-changer for virtual and hybrid fundraising. 

How does the CardFunder app work? Groups can share the fundraiser link on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—or by QR code. Or, donors can search by a fundraiser’s code or name to find it. Then, they’ll follow the prompts given by the app, which will guide them through the easy, intuitive process.

“We are happy to participate in Cardfunder’s innovative way to raise money for our Missions and their good work. We are grateful for the ease it gives us in continuing to provide for those who depend upon our missions for spiritual and corporeal support.”

The CardFunder app is available for download on Google Play or the App Store. In addition, a school or church fundraiser can prompt supporters to download the app to contribute to their cause. Email if you have more questions about getting started!

 About CardFunder

CardFunder powers fundraising efforts by enabling community groups to accept unwanted gift card funds. Serving schools, churches, nonprofits, and other groups, CardFunder provides all the tools needed to run a gift card campaign quickly. Through these efforts, CardFunder helps local groups and large nonprofits tap into the more than $21B in unspent gift cards.

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