Health - Mission Tradition

Today, one third of the world’s population lacks access to essential medicines. In the poorest parts of Africa and Asia, this figure rises to half of the population.

The Fraternity of St. Peter in Nigeria works closely with a local medical clinic, Emmanuel Hospital in Orlu, to help the local people receive the care they need.

Eight children die every minute because their diet lacks essential nutrients. They will continue to do so unless aid comes soon.

The doctor’s patients suffer from a wide variety of illnesses and defects, from cateracts and femural fracture, to maxilla tumour and maxilla deformity, as well as prostate cancer and hepatic inflammation of the gall, and ascites.  Dr. Agubom does great work with the poor here in Orlu and the surrounding villages but lacks some of the tools to help him to give the care which the patients need.

Below is a list of medical supplies the doctor has asked for to help him care for his patients. Donations can be made through our donation page with a note for medical assistance.

Equipment Needed Electrocardiography (ECG), Digital X-ray, CT Scan, Cardiotocography(CTG), Live 4-D Scan, Retinoscope, Fundus Camera, Fetoscope (Electronic), Visual Field Analyzer, and Opthalmoscope.

Let us remember that God is a physician, and that suffering is a medicine for salvation, not a punishment for damnation.

– St. Augustine

Whatever happens, remember, God doesn’t abandon anyone.

– St. Giuseppe Moscati