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  • 250 million children cannot read, write, or count.
  • 1 in every 5 adults cannot read.
  • Illiteracy is linked to higher rates of unemployment, crime, long-term illness, and prejudice against women.
  • A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5.
  • Illiterate people earn 30-42% less than literate people.
  • 34 million children out of school live in conflict countries.
  • Education is the fastest way out of poverty.

For Christians, who believe that “the glory of God is the living man,” the task of cultivating humanity is inseparable from the call to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.  Education, properly understood, lies right at the center of the Christian mission. – Pope John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family

Did you know that “Boko Haram” translates from the local Hausa language as “Western education is a sin”? Boko Haram sees Christians as “infidels” and connects Christianity to the advance of secular education and Western culture in Nigeria.

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Be The Change

Catechesis in the Faith

The world needs Christ.

We need Christ’s mercy, His grace, and, most of all, His love. But in order to receive Him, we first must know Him. We must know who He is and why He came. We must learn what He requires of us and what He offers. We must know Truth.

Many people today have lost confidence in the pursuit of truth. We have lost view of the bigger picture, have lost Christ, and therefore, lost ourselves. Modern secular culture grounds us in false realities and takes us away from the true reality that we are, many of us, philosophers at heart.

The job of the catechist is to share the knowledge of Christ—the truth of Christ—so that people can fall in love with Him and be transformed by Him. In this day and age when even the existence of absolute truth is routinely denied, the need for strong, compassionate, and well-trained teachers of the truth is greater than ever before.

Contemplari et Contemplata Aliis Tradere

To contemplate and to hand on to others the fruits of contemplation. -Dominican Motto

The Fraternity of Saint Peter is prepared to “cast out into the deep” and bring the light of Christ to an ever darkening world. Our education is rooted in the teachings of the Magisterium, prayer, and discipline that the spiritual life calls for. In the words of St. John Bosco, our aim is to  “make good Christians and honorable citizens.”